Tuesday Goalie Leaders
Darren B, The Heat(revised)13
Lee Inch, DressedforSuccess(R)10
Patrick Woodfine, Nutrition Warehouse8
Harry Eland, Brampton Sharks8
Mark List, Heart lake Money7
Darren B, The Heat(revised)2.73
Harry Eland, Brampton Sharks3.33
Zach Penny, Kenco Machinery Move3.46
Zach Penny, Kenco Machinery Move3.46
Shut Outs
Mike Walsh, Cougar Hunters1
Lee Inch, DressedforSuccess(R)1
Darren B, The Heat(revised)1
Todd Holmes, Chicken Hawks1
Jeff Shelton, Chiefs1
Tuesday Division 1 Division - South Fletchers Sportsplex
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Win Leaders
  # alt # Goalie Team GP Wins
13030Patrick WoodfineNutrition Warehouse148
23030Harry ElandBrampton Sharks128
33030Todd HolmesChicken Hawks166
43030Jeff SheltonChiefs156
53030George ErcegovicMighty Hurricanes155
GAA Leaders
  # alt # Goalie Team GP GAA
13030Harry ElandBrampton Sharks123.33
23030Patrick WoodfineNutrition Warehouse143.93
33030Todd HolmesChicken Hawks163.94
43030George ErcegovicMighty Hurricanes154.40
53030Jeff SheltonChiefs154.40
Shut Out Leaders
  # alt # Goalie Team GP SO
13030Todd HolmesChicken Hawks161
23030Jeff SheltonChiefs151
33030Harry ElandBrampton Sharks121
PIM Leaders
  # alt # Goalie Team GP PIM
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